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9 Irresistible Reasons to Dive into Glamping Dome Investments!

Explore the Value of Launching Your Own Glamping Venture! Is setting up a glamping business worth considering? Read the article to find out about the great potential of glamping investments!

  1. Invest with peace of mind and minimum risk

Our domes are designed for self-assembly, allowing you to effortlessly build, dismantle, and relocate them as needed. If you prefer assistance, local crews can follow our detailed manuals for setup. Glamp In Tent durable domes can stay up year-round, even during off-seasons, and require minimal maintenance—a simple power wash every few weeks keeps them looking great.

  1. Diversify your hospitality business to attract a fresh audience

Glamping appeals to a fresh demographic, including those who crave outdoor experiences without sacrificing comfort. According to a KOA report on camping trends, nearly all Millennials and Gen X’ers (93%) were eager to explore this unique accommodation option in 2019. If your current target audience is families with children, there’s no need for a complete business overhaul. However, if you aim to attract more couples or remote workers seeking workcation spots, investing in glamping domes is the solution. For optimal guest experience, place the domes in secluded areas to minimize communication noise and enhance hospitality services.

  1. Achieve higher income per night

Modern glamping domes, outfitted with top-notch amenities, command premium rates per night compared to other outdoor accommodations. Geodesic domes, in particular, offer superior standards thanks to their use of high-quality materials, captivating interior designs, and contemporary conveniences. The unique experience of sleeping in a geodesic dome attracts tourists who are willing to pay extra for this exceptional stay.

  1. Extend your season across any climate and weather conditions

Glamp In Tent’s dome structures are fully weatherproof and excellently insulated, ensuring minimal heating and air-conditioning expenses. Thanks to the widespread appeal of unique glamping experiences among travelers and the ability to operate year-round, the return on investment (ROI) can be accelerated

  1. Become a glamping leader in your region

People are much more inclined to choose glamping over traditional camping or hotels if given the option, especially in destinations where it’s not widely available yet. Weekend getaways and experiential travel are in high demand and present a significant opportunity.” Enter the industry while the glamping trend is at its peak to maximize profitability. Recognizing the investment potential of the glamping industry and launching your own business sooner rather than later will solidify your market position!

  6.Get 100% Return On Investment in just one season

In 2017, our customers reported average revenues ranging from 22,000 to 32,000 EUR per dome unit. A considerable number of our clients achieve full ROI within their first season of business operation! Additionally, many opt for lease financing* to amplify their investment potential, enabling them to acquire multiple dome structures and anticipate substantial earnings in the forthcoming years.

  1. Build anywhere, use unused land

Set up our geodesic domes in locations where traditional construction isn’t viable. Our Heavy Duty version is engineered to withstand wind speeds exceeding 100 km/h (hurricane force), ideal for areas prone to extreme weather or heavy snow. Glamp In Tent products adhere to EU & US structural safety standards and regulations. Our materials are certified fire-retardant and sourced from top European suppliers.

  1. Add the “Wow factor” to your camping site

Geodesic domes are distinctive with their unconventional shape and spacious, airy interiors, setting them apart from traditional tents and outdoor lodgings. Their “Instagrammable” appeal ensures that your guests will eagerly share their glamping experience on social media, promoting your site effortlessly. Additionally, Glamp In Tent domes’ unique design attracts regular attention from international media, further enhancing your visibility.

  1. Expand your business by creating event spaces with our large domes

Explore New Horizons with Glamping: from weddings and corporate events to Christmas parties, fitness camps, and yoga retreats, outdoor businesses can diversify and attract a fresh clientele. With our larger Glamp in Tent Domes, you can set up on-site event areas, restaurants, social spaces, lounges, bars, receptions, and more. Consult with our experts to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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